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Dear Mr Serracino - Inglott.

I would like to thank you for your care and attention throughout my treatment for removal of my varicose veins.

Your professional approach put me at ease and helped me feel comfortable and confident.

At each stage you fully explained clearly and concisely what would happen, welcoming any questions and queries and then assuring my understanding.

I am really pleased with the results to date and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone requiring similar treatment.

Thank you once again.
Best Wishes.


A few years ago, a vein at the back of my knee started popping out. It got worse, then another vein appeared on my shin. This affected my football coaching, because the vein got very sore if it got hit. I wore track suit bottoms in all weathers to hide the vein, and towards the end of the day my legs would feel tired and heavy.

You could see the difference in professionalism at Manchester Vein Centre. They explained procedures, which was very beneficial. People who had the treatment done elsewhere found their recovery time was longer. I'm more than happy with the result. The shorts will be out this summer!


Many thanks for the years you have worked to become an expert, and thank you to your children for allowing you to practice your ultrasound skills on them!

8 days post-op, I've never had any bruising or swelling, my foot isn't swollen and consequently have not pain - not even taken a paracetamol!) Enjoy your summer break,


My surgeon did an ultrasound on my leg to check the blood flow and the vein wasn't working properly. He sat me down to discuss the problem and then provided me with my options. He explained everything, so it was a very pleasant process. The staff were extremely supportive and at no point did I not know what was going to happen, which felt comforting.

Just four weeks afterwards, I completed the Edinburgh marathon. I probably wouldn't have been able to run the race without the treatment; and if I had just a normal kind of stripping surgery I would not have been able to take part at all.


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