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Special Offer Initial Consultation with Scan : £200.00

As opposed to £500 or £700 for a bilateral legs

Clarivein (radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins)
One leg (unilateral) £2,195.00
Two legs (Bilateral) £2,645.00
RFITT/VNUS(Radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins)
One leg (unilateral) £1,895.00
Two legs (Bilateral) £2,345.00
EVLA/EVLT (Endovenous laser treatment)
of single vein (unilateral) £1,895.00
of single vein on both legs (Bilateral) £2,345.00
Foam Sclerotherapy/Avulsions of Varicosities
One leg (unilateral) £1,200
Two legs (Bilateral) £1,800
Thread Vein Treatments
Injection £165.00
Laser - depending on the size of the area £100 -£175

Varicose vein treatment is commonly performed and generally safe. However, all surgical and medical procedures carry risks as well as benefits. You should ask your surgeon how any risks may apply to you.

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