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Varicose veins can affect anyone, at any time in their life. They may be causing you discomfort, or perhaps you're simply uncomfortable with the way your legs look. At Manchester Vein Centre, we're dedicated to providing an effective solution.

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Why pay £400 for a scan to find the problem?

At Manchester Vein Centre we want you to feel comfortable about costs as well as your legs. You’ll meet your surgeon for an initial consultation, including examination and free scan, for a fixed charge of just £200.

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Using the most up to date methods of treatment our consultants are able to offer a range of treatments to ensure we provide the best option for you…

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20 years of care

Our surgeons who introduced out-patient vein surgery to manchester all perform their own scans rather than using a non-medically qualified technician.

Every part of your surgical procedure will be performed by a consultant vascular surgeon. Unlike some providers, we will not have surgical assisstants/practitioners (not medical doctors) do your avulsions (pulling out of the unsightly veins).

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